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The Latest 2021 Trends in Digital Transformation in Business You Need To Know

It’s become incredibly crucial for businesses to have a strong digital presence in order to succeed in today’s technological age. It is almost detrimental for a business to think it can simply thrive on its traditional brick and mortar roots, when the competition has evolved so much with social media and Google. Equally important is the ability for businesses to have strong digital systems in its operational backend; to forego outdated time-consuming paperwork filing systems in favour of streamlined automation. 

Streamlined backend operations and integrations will set up a business from the ground up and future proof them for quick growth and scalability. Here are some important statistics to consider in today’s age of digital transformation:

Digital Statistics to Consider
  • 55% of startups have adopted a digital business strategy, compared to 38% of traditional companies. (Source: Forbes)
  • 71% of digitally mature companies say they can attract new talent based on their use of data, compared to 10% of early-stage digital companies. (Source: Deloitte)
  • 56% of CEOs say digital improvements have led to increased revenue. (Source: Gartner Survey)
  • Despite pandemic, global spending on digital transformation technologies and services is estimated to have grown 10% in 2020. (IDC). (Source: IDC)
  • An illustrative example of digitalization of the company’s internal business processes is the saving of more than 40% of the time of ŠKODA AUTO HR team after the implementation of a virtual recruitment assistant based on IBM Watson services. (Source: Lvivity)
  • Chatbots are growing increasingly popular. 30% of respondents rated chatbot interactions as “very effective” in dealing with customer service issues. (Source: Frevvo)
  • Sales teams can close 30% more deals when they automate Salesforce. It also reduces the sales cycle by 18% and saves 14 percent administration time. (Source: Windward Studios)
  • A survey found that 59% of Fortune 500 companies are using marketing automation and the number is steadily on the rise. (Source: Clickz)

Whilst the digital age has already evolved so much since the introduction of the Internet to the public, this transformation has been further spurred on by the coronavirus pandemic. 

With global lockdown restrictions and remote work, many businesses have had to rely on digital to strengthen their operations and offerings. This change is end-to-end in fact, as reflected by increased consumer expectations of business’s digital reliability.

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